Tax Exemption Requirements

Due to a recent audit of our tax compliance process, we are required to have a Tax Exemption Certificate on file for all companies who purchase wholesale from Fabulous-Furs. The required form varies by state and not all states require a certificate. We are unable to process wholesale orders for customers who don’t have the correct form on file. Please select the link below for the state(s) where you ship Fabulous-Furs merchandise. Return the completed form to us via email at

Alabama - Sales Tax License
Alaska - Not Required
Arizona - FORM 5000A
Arkansas - FORM F0003
California - FORM CDTFA-230
Colorado - FORM DR 0563
Connecticut - Sales and se Tax Resale Certificate
District of Columbia - Form OTR-368
Delaware - Not Required
Florida - Annual Resale Certificate
Georgia - FORM ST-5
Hawaii - FORM G-17
Idaho - FORM ST-101

Illinois - FORM CRT-61
Indiana - ST-105 (49065)
Iowa - Form 31-014
Kansas - Form ST-28A
Kentucky - Form 51A105
Louisiana - Form R-1064 or R1055
Maine - Annual Resale Certificate
Maryland - Blanket Resale Certificate
Massachusetts - Form ST-4
Michigan - Form 3372
Minnesota - Form ST3
Mississippi - Sales Tax License
Missouri - Form 149

Montana - Not Required
Nebraska - Form 13
Nevada - Resale Certificate
New Hampshire - Not Required
New Jersey - Form ST-3 or ST-3NR
New Mexico - NTTC (Nontaxable Transaction Certificate)
New York - Form ST-120
North Carolina - Form E-595E
North Dakota - Form SFN21950 (11-2002)
Ohio - Form STEC B
Oklahoma - SST Certificate
Oregon - Not Required
Pennsylvania - Form REV-1220

Rhode Island - Resale Certificate
South Carolina - Form ST-8A
South Dakota - Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement
Tennessee - Blanket Certificate of Resale
Texas - Form 01-339
Utah - Form TC-721
Vermont - Form S-3
Virginia - Form ST-10
Washington - Certificate of Exemption
West Virginia - Form F0003
Wisconsin - Form S-211
Wyoming - Exemption Certificate or SST Certificate